The Astronautica Book Club

Space Books for the Discerning Reader

All civilizations become either spacefaring or extinct
— Carl Sagan

Who are we?

Astronautica Book Club is a new online bookstore for everyone interested in the past, present and future of spaceflight – crewed and robotic. 

We offer a unique selection of space-related books – many of them out of print and lost in the mists of time – as well as new titles exclusive to us and not available anywhere else (not even on Amazon!). 

What do we do?

Astronautica books are printed in the traditional way to the very highest quality standards, with hard covers, dust jackets, endpapers and bookmark ribbons. By printing in small numbers, we are able to offer titles of special interest that mainstream publishers no longer consider profitable.

Our belief is that a book is a physical object – a thing of beauty that should last a lifetime or more. That’s the basis on which we select books for the store – and how we print them.

How do I join?

Membership of our mailing list is free. Members receive regular newsletters by email and qualify for substantial discounts on all titles, as well as exclusive offers.

So whether you’re a space professional or enthusiast yourself, or simply looking to buy a gift for someone who is, click here and join today!