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Welcome to The Astronautica Book Club!

Martin Preston

Welcome to the Astronautica Book Club – the specialist online bookstore for space enthusiasts of all ages. In the coming months we’ll be adding a range of titles old and new, kicking off with Race for Space: Race to the Moon – six 96-page hardback volumes recalling the extraordinary story of the early space pioneers and culminating in Neil Armstrong’s unforgettable ‘one giant leap for mankind’ in July 1969. The series is exclusive to the Astronautica Book Club and has been some eight years in the making. It’s written by two of the best known names in space publishing – ex-NASA scientist, award-winning author and editor of SpaceFlight magazine David Baker, and Russian space guru Anatoly Zak ( – and put together by me, Martin Preston.

We’ll also be refreshing and reprinting some older space titles that readers of a certain age may well remember, or even have stored away on a bookshelf gathering dust. Old they may be, but dull they certainly aren’t… and a even a quick glance at their pages recalls the spirit of adventure and optimism that carried men to the Moon more than half a century ago.

If you’re reading this, then your only a couple of mouse clicks away from subscribing to our mailing list, which will enable us to keep you updated by email of new titles and special offers. In the meantime, happy browsing and happy reading. Arguably, we’re only a few years away from what promises to be the most exciting era in human space exploration for decades. Astronautica Book Club will be there to record it – and hopefully, to enhance your reading pleasure. MP